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Goldea Makes Complete Success in 118th Canton Fair

TIME: 2017-02-23

Goldea, as the leader of China’s bathroom furniture enterprise, takes part in the 118th Canton Fair during 15-19, Oct. With professional sales team and high quality products, Goldea wins great success at fair again.

Our booth is so popular that our new and old customers are impressed a lot. 

The Goldea, benefiting from a series of improvement and new initiatives on products, is full of unique glamour, and from the first day has gained great popularity. Each visitor no matter for purchasing or just for seeing showed strong interest in Lovol engines and was deeplyimpressed by our products’ excellent-designed appearance and visible good quality. 

The most important role is our professional sales elites; On this fair, we continuously made breakthrough and innovation on communication mode with our customers, we discussed deeply and sincerely with our customers on products innovation, brand production, business expanding and so on which have quite potential market opportunities that never should be underestimated.let’s take a look at them: 

On the very first day of 118th Canton Fair, we received new customers from Italy, Iraq, Philippines, Ecuador, Chile and so on. Many customers were attracted to our hall by our fame, they expressed that they had been paying attention to Goldea for a long time and Goldea’ good quality won reputation in their market. So they would confirm their order once they come and hope to start cooperation with Goldea asap. Meanwhile old customers from European, America and Australia also came to our stand to talk about new businesses, they are full of confidence with Goldea’ future.


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