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How Can I Make Big Money ?

The data is figured out according to the information of Goldea's current dealers.

  FOB Ningbo intermediate expenditures (including logistics fees, tariff and import tax) sample sample price in local market
retailer gross profit wholesalers gross profit
the Middle East E.g. Dubai 120 USD 7.4 USD 165.62 USD 31.85 USD 150.33 USD 19.7 USD
Europe E.g. Hamburg, Germany 120 USD 8.7 USD 167.31 USD 31.34 USD 154.44 USD 21.16 USD
The America E.g. New York, USA 120 USD 14.7 USD 175.11 USD 31.52 USD 161.64 USD 21.62 USD
Australia E.g. Sydney 120 USD 6.8 USD 164.84 USD 29.67 USD 152.16 USD 21.3 USD

Annual order of 10 containers could create a gross profit of 79000usd -120000usd for you.


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