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Buy early to save more money before CNY

TIME: 2017-11-26

Recently, due to the tightening of environmental protection policies, the prices of sanitary ware-related raw materials such as plastic, paper boxes, steel and aluminum, foam and glass have skyrocketed, resulting in rising costs of various types of bathroom manufacturers including shower rooms, bathroom cabinets, toilets and faucets, Price increase of 5% to 12%.

TOTO, Kohler was included in the stop-list of Beijing

Recently, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Economic Information released the "Beijing Air Pollution Emergency Industrial Pre-project Plan (2017 Edition)", which stopped the manufacturing enterprises from halting the early warning of yellow-level response from the previous orange warning. At the same time municipal air pollution emergency enterprises also increased by more than 500, reaching 712. Listed in Beijing stop the list of companies including TOTO, Kohler and other famous foreign brands in the local manufacturing enterprises.

bath companies shut down

109 bathroom cabinet limited production in Changge


Since the beginning of this year, Changge City has vigorously promoted environmental tackling, and has totally closed up and closed up to 1992 the scattered polluting enterprises in the bathroom, printing and building materials industries, 173 coal burning facilities and 45 "black gas stations."

vanity bathroom sink

Closed 9081 "scattered pollution" enterprises in Tianjin

November 22, learned from the Tianjin Environmental Protection Agency, through the joint efforts of various departments in various districts, Tianjin's "scattered pollution" special rectification work has now been planned, progress to the third stage. After conducting rounds of round-robin screening of "scattered pollution-ridden" enterprises in the city, a total of nearly 19,000 "scattered pollution-contaminated" enterprises were screened out, and 9081 enterprises, of which the pollution was serious and their treatment was hopeless, were shut down.

bath companies shut down

smashed 24 black plating dens at one stroke in Chaozhou

Recently, Chaozhou City organized the special anti-electroplating joint law enforcement action organization such as the municipal environmental protection and public security departments and the Xiangqiao District Government to investigate and deal with the illegal plating dens at Nanshan Branch Park in Fengxin Subdistrict for a massive seven days of enforcement action , In one fell swoop seized 24 black plating dens, black bleaching and dyeing workshop 1, lift its significant pollution threat to the Fengjiang.

 bath companies shut down

twice a week inspection in Foshan


Recently, the Provincial Environmental Inspectorate twice a week to Jiujiang Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, carried out on the town of environmental supervision of enterprises. Exhaust gas and waste water discharged directly by the enterprise without management and full-time environmental management staff have not been appointed. The inspection team has ordered them to rectify immediately. As of today, the provincial inspection team has to Jiujiang Zhen inspection enterprises a total of 27 found that there are 24 factories in question, filing 6 penalties, the amount of up to more than 900,000 yuan.

bath companies shut down


Dealer feedback, many bathroom manufacturers this month through the internal dealer price increases, shower room rose 5% to 8%, toilet up 3% to 10%, bathroom cabinets rose 7% to 10%, even the faucets are up Price not to buy more! To shower room, for example, the large-scale price increases manufacturers, not only affects the offline retail store price growth, even online prices are also growing.


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