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Goldea LED Mirror Series -- 5

TIME: 2017-04-20

Round Frame Mirror:

Mirror: 5mm copper free mirror

Frame: Aluminum frame +PC divergent cover frame

Lamp: LED Strip

Switch: Capacitive touch inductive switch


1)       4mm copper free mirror

The copper free mirror overcome the pollution problem which caused by the traditional silver plating process, (the traditional silver mirror is made of the CUSO4 +FE). Edge corrosion resistance is 3 times than ordinary mirror, the surface reflectivity is much higher than the ordinary mirror. The back painting is used the environmental protection resin paint which imported from abroad, and it is with High density, high corrosion resistance, scratch resistance

2)       3528 LED STRIP( 1 meters 120 beads)

High brightness, good insulation, low overall calorific value and energy saving (single bulbs 0.08W), the light generated by the LED STRIP, no ultraviolet radiation, no radiation, no pollution, using imported chip, with internal wiring of the lamp are automatic welding machine, wick arranged evenly.

3)       Capacitive touch inductive switch

1. Capacitive touch inductive switch, human body does not need to directly touch switch, and is not affected by dry weather, and wet, resistance of human body changes influence, and it is more convenient to use, no any mechanical components, will not wear, infinite life, sensitivity, stability, reliability, etc. will not change due to changes in environmental conditions or long- term use.

2. Light bit tips to customers can be in any light, in line with the trend of the international, convenient night identification.

4)       PC diffusion cover

1. With high light transmittance, high proliferation, no glare, no light and shade.

2. Light hidden excellent. (effectively adjust the diffusion and the transmittance, under the premise of the beads and the transmittance reaches the maximum transmission rate reached 94%)

3. With high flame resistance and high resistance.

4. To achieve the point of light source into a spherical luminous.

5)       Power drive

Drive power supply using a brand, each product full power and short-circuit protection, overload protection, overvoltage protection, input voltage with wide input voltage range, so as to ensure the products can not restricted by region of the input voltage, can be used normally.

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