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Full conservation of bathroom vanity, good maintenance as well as save money

TIME: 2017-10-21

What is the best bathroom cabinet?

Of course, both to enhance the degree of beauty

But also to achieve the practical storage of the bathroom

Look at the neat bathroom space

Compared to the mood will follow the bright up it


But the bathroom cabinet also has a "temper"

Even if it is stainless steel

Also cannot afford "old color"

Today, Let’s to learn


How to carry out a full range of bathroom cabinet maintenance

bathroom vanity

1.       The cleaning and maintenance of mirror

mirror if there is stains or not bright, you can use glass cleaner spray on the mirror, and then use the newspaper to wipe;

Do not touch the mirror with a wet hand, do not use a damp cloth to wipe the mirror, to avoid increasing the moisture into;

with a soft cloth or feather Shan brush the surface of the dust on the frame, and then clean the soft cloth to wipe the surface of the mirror, gently wipe; do not use any glass cleaner or other solvent contact scrub frame;

with a soft cloth dipped in some kerosene or wax, wipe the mirror, frame, can make it clear and bright;

want to fog, before bathing, soap can be coated with a mirror, and then wipe with a dry cloth, the mirror that the formation of a layer of soap liquid film, can prevent the mirror blurred; or dry wipes dipped in the amount of detergent Ling painted on the mirror, but also The use of convergence of the make-up water or detergent, can effectively prevent water vapor condensation in the mirror, can play a very good anti-fog effect.


2.       The cleaning and maintenance of vanity

General stains, you can use the "Bili beads" spray (general supermarkets available), gently spray, and dry with a dry towel, do not use high concentrations or corrosive solvent scrub;

cleaning stainless steel appearance must pay attention to surface scratches do not occur, do not have steel balls and rough brush cleaning cabinet;

often with a soft cloth for the bathroom cabinet to dust, before the dust, the soft cloth can be stained with a cloth or soapy water, do not directly with a dry cloth wipe;

cabinet will be placed in some soap, cleanser and other cleaning products, careless out of the cleaning agent is best off immediately (or in the cleaning supplies below the pad a layer of cloth);

bathroom cabinet bogey with water rinse, usually with a damp cloth gently wipe can be, so as not to cause corrosion of water.


3.       The cleaning and maintenance of basin

the general dirt on the table can be used to clean the neutral detergent or soapy water, and dry with a dry towel;

more stubborn on the table grease or tea watermark Please use 1200 # water sandpaper polished with polished machine to give polished, and then wipe clean with scouring pad;

if the table if the burns, scratches, knife marks, first with 400 # or 600 # water sandpaper polished, polished with a polishing machine to give polishing, and then wipe clean with scouring pad;

ceramic pots for a long time to use, easy to accumulate dirt, you can use sliced lemon, scrub basin surface, to be a minute and then rinse with water, you can become bright;

If the basin stains are more stubborn, you can use safe bleach, pour into the basin soaked for 20 minutes, after washing with a towel or sponge, and then washed with water.


Now you know how to maintenance a bathroom vanity, it is a right time to pick your best bathroom vanity!

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