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Designer Team

Goldea have a team of professional designers and elites who come from Saint-Etienne, where is recommended by UNESCO as the Design Center of France.

Goldea products possess design spirit of France romantic fashion, but are affordable green luxuries. Bring clients world fashion at reasonable price.

Every year offering more than 50+ new items to our clients, Goldea help clients to avoid price competition with other competitors.

For your OEM products, Goldea can also offer you professional advices to improve your products to more suitable level.

One-to-one design solution, Goldea can design an unique and attractive showroom specially for you.

No more hesitate, no more wait, choose Goldea, choose profits, make money.

Design Software

Goldea not only offer products design, but also provide overall design, such as showroom design, household design. Whether you are
wholesales or builders, our professional designer team will customize the best solution based on your requirements.
Professional design software will be coming soon; you can experience the 3D effects.

Design catalogue

Goldea new products catalogue, creative and innovative, glad to share Goldea ideas with you.

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